Sunday, August 28, 2005

Preliminary Information

First of all, let it be said that I do not not truly consider myself to be an artist. I possess none of the abilities usually associated with art. I can't draw, paint, sculpt, sing, dance, or play any musical instrument. I do fancy myself a fair writer and performer - primarily with the Cellar Dwellers Comedy Troupe, headquartered in Beaver County, Pennsylvania - but, as you are sure to soon discover, my writing is not always up to snuff, and you can just take my word for it when I say my performing usually ends up subpar as well. I guess you can say the whole artist claim is nothing more than romantic posturing - which you shall soon find out is all part of the experiment.

However, I assure you that I am indeed starving, or at least am soon to be. This is the part of the introductory blog where I give more detailed background on myself. I know you can hardly wait. For the past year I've been living with two roommates making my financial situation quite livable despite my less than stellar day job at a local department store. Now, our lease runs out in a few days and both roommates are running back to the secure confines of their parents' houses. Not me however. Since my parents live too far away for me to keep up my local performing and writing projects and no one else will have me for a roommate, I have no choice but to go it alone. I have already signed a lease for my own place, and am set to move in a few days. Living on my own will, of course, increase the financial burden upon myself. After crunching the numbers - very loosely in my head, I am a writer not a math guy after all - I've discovered I can afford to pay all my bills. I can't, however, afford to eat.

This is where the experiment comes in. Over the next few months I will discover how to eat - as well as live with some leisure - on an extremely low budget. I have a number of theories on the subject which I am prepared to test in real world circumstances. Some of these theories will hopefully be prove useful and become low budget laws. Meanwhile, many are certain to fail. I will chart my findings in this space when possible - with any luck at one of my new neighbors will have an unsecured wireless network. Over the next couple of days I'll be going over some the theories I'll be testing, and once I move in earnest, the test is on.

Just to let you have an idea how this is going to work here is one theory I will be testing:

Theory #1 - Always romanticize the situation
Hence the title of this blog. The basis of this theory is that you will receive more sympathy and hence more free food, if you are seen as a romantic figure such as a starving artist. You're not just an underachiever who people think should simply get a better job. No, you're a starving artist. You have an excuse for a crappy job...(ahem) a crappy 'day' job. People want to help a romantic figure. They want to be part of the romantic situation however possible. This could very easily lead to free food and maybe even financial help. It also cannot possibly hurt in social situations.

For the outcome of this experiment and more be sure to check back in with me. Wish me luck.